Surprise Party Thank You

Surprise party
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Don’t you think the stamp is absolutely perfect!

“Thank you for the most wonderful Birthday Surprise Party & Feast! The most special birthday ever and the only surprise party I’ve ever had! The food was delicious and the party was an absolute delight. I’m so happy! Thank You!”

(My wonderful neighbors threw an absolutely fabulous party for my birthday last Saturday. It was a complete surprise and a complete joy!)




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4 responses to “Surprise Party Thank You

  1. Lisa at Greenbow

    A belated happy birthday Jana. I shared your birthday weekend. I can imagine your delight when you were surprised.

    I love the postage stamp for two reasons…the age factor and then I am sure you were feeling like Queen for the Day when you got your surprise.

  2. Your blog is very delightful indeed!

    I enjoy all of your postcards too.

  3. Beautiful stamp, I like it. It is same Thailand which we often use Royal Family Photo as stamps.

  4. Hey Visit postcard surprise around the world.

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