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Surprise Party Thank You

Surprise party
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Don’t you think the stamp is absolutely perfect!

“Thank you for the most wonderful Birthday Surprise Party & Feast! The most special birthday ever and the only surprise party I’ve ever had! The food was delicious and the party was an absolute delight. I’m so happy! Thank You!”

(My wonderful neighbors threw an absolutely fabulous party for my birthday last Saturday. It was a complete surprise and a complete joy!)




Hoard: Illustration Friday (Postcard to M.)

Hoard Spoons - Illustration Friday

Hoard postcard back

Dear ____ (name covered to protect the guilty),

Here’s a little still life of the contents of your kitchen drawer collection of hoarded spoons and spatulas, none of which are necessary for microwaving your Lean Cuisine TV dinners and take out food. Please stop hoarding junk!


Happy Birthday To Me

Birthday suit

A “birthday suit” postcard to myself for my birthday today! I originally drew and posted this as an illustration of “suit” for Illustration Friday last year. The picture isn’t exactly accurate: my feet are bigger in real life.

Congratulations on your (same-sex) marriage

Gay Marriage San Francisco City Hall

Dear Same Sex Couples,

I was so moved seeing all of the love couples getting married at San Francisco City Hall and all over California this week. I hope the haters and religious fanatics don’t get to change the constituion and that your rights to live and love like anyone else are saved. May your love and commitment bless your lives and bring joy to all of your friends and families.

P.S. Now that gay marriage is legal, does that mean that gay divorce is now legal too? Will the first gay divorces be in the news as groundbreaking too?



Bill replies: Chubby girls

Clinton - BulkyO Burgers

Bill Replies

Dear Ms. Bouc,
Thank you ever so much for writing. I’m afraid I have no comment regarding Hill or chubby chicks… I mean it’s true a little heft never hurts but well, what I like even better than chubby chicks is bulky burgers. Yum!

Yours truly,
W. J. Clinton

Postcard to Bill Clinton

Dancing with Bill Clinton

POstcard to Bill Clinton

Dear Bill,
I was dreaming we were waltzing together and you were so sexy and charming. Then in my dream I remembered I’d gained 5 pounds and was afraid you might not be interested in me after all. But I remembered you and Monica Lewinsky—that chubby girl, you know. So maybe you like chubby women after all. Is it true Bill? Is that why you strayed? Was Hillary too skinny? Do you prefer chubby women?
The woman of your dreams (well, my dreams anyway…)

P.S. I take no responsibility for what happens in my dreams

Answer from Audubon

Birds sleep in trees

Yesterday I posted questions to J. J. Audubon and today he responds:

Postcard from Audubon

Dear Jana,

Robins are named “Turdus” because of their brownish color. They sleep in little beds in trees. Their pillows are stuffed with dandelion fluff and their quilts are stuffed with down theysave from the feathers they shed.

Birds are able to flyin their sleep but if they’re caught they get an expensive ticket as it’s again the avian penal code.


J. J. Audubon

J. J. Audubon: Where Do Birds Sleep

Where do birds sleep?

To Audubon

Dear Mr. Audubon,

Whay is the robin called “Turdus Migratorius?” Turdus doesn’t sound very nice. And where do they sleep? Do they sleep in nests or just sitting on a branch int he tree? How do they not fall off? Probably the same way we don’t fall off our beds. Or do they sleep on the ground? If they fall out of the tree while they’re asleep do they fly in their sleep?